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Zoning, Building, and Occupancy Permit Process for Biglerville Borough

Zoning, Building, and Occupancy Permit Process for Biglerville Borough

The State has adopted The Uniform Construction Code that all municipalities are required to follow. This new Building Permit Process is an improvement over the old procedure. If you need a permit please contact the borough office and contact our Zoning Officer, Wayne Smith at 677-9488. He will issue the required borough permits and instruct you on the steps to be taken to get the permits for the UCC.

Zoning Permit Process for Biglerville Borough

Zoning is a method that a community may use to regulate the use of land and structures. It is initiated by the Adoption of a Zoning Ordinance designated to protect the public health, safety, and welfare and to guide growth. 

When Zoning was first utilized, its primary purpose was to prevent a property owner from using his or her property in ways which were a nuisance or actually harmful to a neighboring property owners. However, over the years the scope of Zoning has expanded. Municipal governments keep certain land uses out of a neighborhood. They also recognize its value as a “positive” tool for encouraging certain development and for creating an attractive community. In addition, Zoning now frequently attempts to control development in areas subject to flooding, to preserve natural features (Wetlands, Forests, Aquifers) and Historical features and to save Farmland. 

The Zoning Ordinance is composed of Two Parts, the text and Zoning Map. The text of the Ordinance contains the community development objectives and the necessary technical provisions to regulate the use of land and structures and to establish Bulk, Height, Area, Setback and other standards. The Zoning Map delineates the boundaries of the Specific Districts R Zones created in the Ordinance.

Pennsylvania State Department of Community and Economic Development

Planning Series #4 Zoning. Harrisburg: State of Pennsylvania, 1999. 

Occupancy Permits

The Biglerville Borough requires an Occupancy Permit with each transfer of deed to properties located within the borough or if a single-family residence is changed to a multi family residence. This application must be filed at the borough office 15 days prior to settlement. The application is available at 33 Musselman Avenue, Biglerville and the fee is $50.00. A walk-thru inspection is required. 

Biglerville Borough Building Permit Process 

Phone: 717-677-9488
Fax; 717-677-4027 
Email: biglerville@comcast.net 

What is required to obtain a building permit?

 Review the list of required items to determine if your application is subject to any of the special requirements listed here. Not all applications will require the same supporting items. 

A. Completed applications signed by property owner or agent.
B. UCC construction drawings
    1. 2 copies of construction drawings for residential construction.
    2. 3 copies of construction drawings for commercial construction.
    1. Fee schedule is $4.00 and amount based on square feet AND BASE RATE OF $40
    2. Additional inspections fees apply for building permits on UCC Projects
D. Sketch of site
    1. Attach a sketch of the site showing the property lines, existing
        building dimensions and features and the proposed location of the
        improvement and dimensions.   This information will be used for
        determining zoning requirements.
E. Statement of proposed use
    1. Include a short description of the proposed use of the improvement.
        Any addition to living space MUST include the number of additional
F. Stake Out
    1. Place stakes or other markers indicating the corners of the proposed
G. Stormwater Requirements.
    1. Any improvements over 1,000 square feet must include a storm water
        plan that must be reviewed and approved by the borough engineer.
        There is a separate fee and deposit required for this portion of the
    2. A stormwater plan is required if more than 1,000 square feet of soil is
    3. Must see Code Enforcement Officer for individual plans.
H. Proof of Worker’s Compensation (W/C) Insurance
    1. A certificate of W/C insurance must be provided to the borough office
    2. If none is required by state law, an exemption certificate
        can be notarized and provided to the borough and this will be valid for any 
        job within the borough for one year.
I. Driveways must meet stormwater and subdivision 
   ordinance requirements
    1. If the driveway is off the state roads must obtain a
        PENNDOT permit and provide a copy of the same to the borough office.
J. Sewer and Water Permits
    1. These permits are available only when building permits
        are applied for and if permits are available the connection fees are as follows:
    1. Water connection fee - $1,469 per edu
    2. Sewer connection fee - $3,261 per edu
    3. Inspections fees are $25 to $35 per inspection
M. Land Development Plan is required for:
    1. Two or more residential buildings on one lot
    2. Any non-residential buildings.
    3. Not required for accessory buildings 

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