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Frequently Asked Questions about Permits

How are the UCC inspections conducted?

  • Biglerville Borough has contracted with a third party inspector.  When the building/zoning permits are issued, you will be given the inspector's phone number or you may get that number any time when you ask for it including prior to permits being issued for any questions.  It is the contractor's responsibility to contact the inspector and arrange for the required inspections.  You must give the inspector a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Inspections will be stamped on the building permit placard.

How long will the permit process take?

  • The code enforcement officer will complete his review within 7 days of receipt of all portions of the permit.  Depending on the project the UCC review may take 2 weeks.

How long will the permit be valid?

  • You must start construction within 90 days of receipt of the permit or it is voided.  Otherwise, you have one year to complete the project.  You may request an extension.

What do I do when the project is completed?

  • The borough will issue an occupancy permit for new dwellings and/or a use and occupancy certificate when the project is completed.  Please notify the office upon completion of the improvement, if new living space is included in the project.  For UCC projects the third party inspection agency will grant a use and occupancy certificate to the borough office once all final inspections are passed, the borough office will contact you to pick up the U&O certificate to utilize the project space.

What do I do with the placard?

  • Place the placard where it can be easily visible from the highway.  Failure to properly display the placard may result in unnecessary to validate the construction. For UCC projects, the permit must be accessible to the building inspector.

What happens after I apply for the permit?

  • Upon receipt of completed applications and fees, the code enforcement officer will review the applications and verify the required items.  An onsite inspection will be made to verify the information on the permit applications.  Additional onsite inspections may be necessary to assure the project is properly located and continues to comply with ordinances and/or up to code.  A final on site inspection will be made when the project is completed.

What happens if I started building before I knew permits were needed.

  • Immediately stop construction and apply for a permit.  The code enforcement officer will do a preliminary review and if it complies with ordinances, it will be granted a permit and placard.  If there are violations to our ordinances, it may be necessary to remove the improvement.  The property owner is responsible for costs involved in correction to the violation.

What if I change my plans?

  • The project must be built as described in the building permit application.  If you need to make minor changes in the plan submitted, you must contact the code enforcement officer.  The proposed changes will be reviewed and, if appropriate, be noted on the application.

When is a building permit necessary?

  • A building permit is required for any construction activity which either changes the use of a property, changes the building structurally or a new structure is being built.  A building permit from Adams County is required for any construction over $2,500 in value.  County permits are available from the assessor's office in the courthouse (717-337-9837).

When must a building be inspected?

  • All structural changes are subject to the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  Exceptions are made for residential accessory buildings less than 1,000 square feet and agricultural structures.  Please contact the zoning officer to discuss specifics of your situation.

When must I apply for a building permit?

  • You must submit an application before you begin construction.  You should apply thirty days before you expect to start your construction.